Recover deleted service items

Anytime a service item is deleted, whether accidentally or intentionally, it not only removes the service item from your MSP Manager account, but it also deletes the associated tickets to which the service item was applied. With the ability to recover deleted service items, you can not only restore and re-apply that service item to its assigned customers, but you can also restore any associated tickets that were deleted along with the service item.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Billing & Financial > Deleted Service Items.
  2. From the Deleted Service Items list, click next to the deleted service item you would like to recover to view it's information.
  3. Select next to any deleted service item to view it's associated Assets and Tickets.
  4. Select next to the service item you want to recover to undelete and add it back to its associated customers.

The service item was successfully undeleted and restored, along with all it's associated tickets.

As an alternative to both deleting and deactivating service items, you can edit the service item and extend the End Date in order to keep it, and it's tickets in your account. The difference between this option and deactivating the service item is that extending the end date of the service item keeps it available to use when opening tickets.

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