Use Remote Desktop Protocol to adjust resolution of remote devices

Changing the resolution of the remote desktop or device can be done using the RDP protocol and not with a physical image capture. During an RDP session, the image buffer goes to a virtual monitor that supports all resolutions, and with every re-size of the window, the OS and the RDP driver are redrawing all elements on the virtual screen.

On a physical machine for instance, the graphics driver will only allow what the monitor supports.

Before getting started, make sure you are using Microsoft Remote Desktop from the Windows Store.

  1. Download Microsoft Remote Desktop from the Windows store.
  2. During a support session, navigate to the Session Options menu and select Use RDP.
  3. The Remote Desktop window in Take Control is replaced by Microsoft's Remote Desktop from the Windows store.
  4. Next, select Remote Desktop > View > Size and choose the best resolution for your system.
  5. Select Sharpen the image when downscaling to automatically downscale images when the Viewer window size is smaller than 100% of the remote resolution.

    Enabling this option adds significant quality to scaled down text, but it will slightly increase the CPU consumption.