Configure port forwarding on the Console

  1. During a support session, click the Advanced Options menu icon and select Port Forward > New.
  2. In the new window, there are three mandatory parameters:
    1. Local Port – the local port number where Take Control console listens for incoming TCP connections that are forwarded to the remote network. The local port is the port belonging to the machine where the console is running. In order to avoid conflicts, use 0 and a free port is assigned automatically. It is also possible to insert a port range using the following syntax: startport-endport (i.e. 5000-5100). This is useful for Configure an FTP connection. Confirm that range is free on the local machine when using a port range.
    2. Remote Host – the DNS or IP address where the remote service is located. If the service is on the machine hosting the Take Control sessions, use localhost or
    3. Remote Port – the remote service monitors this port for connections. Take Control needs both the remote host and the remote port values in order to determine where to route local traffic. Do not use a range on this field. If you insert a port range in the Local Port, that range is forwarded to the remote computer starting from the port defined here. For instance, if the Local port range is 5000-5100, with 1000 set as the remote port, Take Control forwards the local traffic to 1000-1099 on the remote computer.
  3. Select Enable and click OK. Not having the Enable box checked saves the port forward but you will need to activate it before use.
  4. Take Control also allows you to setup a specific app to be associated with a specific port forward. While any application can use the forwards configured using this feature, this allows you to invoke pre-configured programs from the console. To add an application, click on the folder icon, immediately to the right of the Run Application option.
  5. Enter the Application Parameters to pass parameters to the application, like the remote address.
  6. Click OK.

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