Configure APIs

Use the API section of the Admin Area to create New Session, Landing Page, Session History and Validation APIs. You can view theAPI Endpoints listed under each Public and Private API key.

  1. Navigate to Profile > APIs.
  2. Use the API Keys section to view the list of Endpoints and add the appropriate key in order to securely authenticate with your selected API.
  3. From the Start APIs tab, use The New Session API section to generate new sessions without using the console. For example, you can generate sessions from your company's website or CRM software. Click Help to access to the New Session API user manual.
  4. Use the Landing Page API section to place an API on your own website. This gives your customers the ability to directly insert a PIN Code or Calling Card into your website.
  5. The parameters shown in this window are mandatory, and must be inserted exactly as presented in order to work correctly.

  6. Select a Language and Code Type, and click Generate.
  7. Select Other APIs, and in the New support ticket API section, click Download to view the manual and learn how to create deferred support tickets directly from any application.

    This API does not allow custom questions or attachments to be added to the ticket creation form. Files can be added at a later time by editing the ticket.

  8. Select Use validation API, enter your API URL, and choose the default behavior if the validation call fails or times out. This API’s objective is to pre-process the customer’s data gathered by the Applet before the creation of a support request.
  9. Enter the Test API information and click Test API to run a quick test.
  10. Save your API information to complete the set up process.

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