Learn about Alerts and Monitoring

The Alerts and Monitoring feature in Take Control provides an advanced system health-status monitoring module, as well as a real-time alert engine that provides an escalated awareness of all connected devices. Technicians can also establish rules for specific situations, activating automatic and immediate measures whenever the situation requires an intervention.

Activate Monitoring

  1. To enable Monitoring, navigate to the Admin Area and select the Devices from the options on the left.
  2. Select a device from the list and click Edit at the top of the Devices List.
  3. Turn on Enable monitoring from the options in the Permissions section of the Device Editor, and click Save.

Set up Alerts and Monitoring Rules

  1. Navigate to the Alerts tab to view all available alerts and the rules that activate each one. Click Add Alert to add a Monitoring Rule.
  2. Enter a name for the new rule and choose one or more of the following Actions:
    1. Run script – select a script to execute from the scripts repository.
    2. Send Email – select an email to which the alert will be sent.
  3. Specify the CPU Usage and configure the percentage of CPU load that will trigger an Alert.
  4. Navigate to Alerts History to view all alerts associated with the each rule.
  5. Navigate to Stats to view history of the device's CPU usage, physical memory, and hard disk space.

Deactivate an alert and the associated rules are no longer applied, but the Alerts History remains intact, and the alert is available for reactivation.

Delete an alert and that alert's history is also deleted, and the alert cannot be reactivated.

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