Agent Management

We have included a range of options to simplify the management of workstations and available when logged into the Dashboard using an account with General Settings (Devices) permissions enabled.

Rename Workstation

By default, the workstation's hostname is used for identification on the Dashboard and in Reports. When the hostname changes (for example a laptop has a new owner) this is automatically updated on the Dashboard.

As this may not always be appropriate, we have included the option to remove this Dashboard name and hostname association on a device-by-device basis.

  1. Right-click the workstation in the North-pane (or from the Workstation or Device drop-down)
  2. Edit Workstation
  3. Untick Sync name with device
  4. Amend the Workstation Name
  5. Click OK to save and apply

Inactive Workstations

There may be circumstance where although the computer is no longer in use, it remains on the Dashboard (we do not automatically remove devices regardless of when they last reported in). This may be as a result of a communication problem at the time of removal, and the uninstall was not communicated to the Dashboard, or it was not possible or practical to remove the Agent. For example, the device suffered a catastrophic failure, it was decommissioned, stolen or the Agent is installed in a visualized environment and the machine reimaged, similarly where the device was rebuilt and renamed.

To manage these devices we have included the Dashboard's Delete Workstation option as well as the option to remove inactive workstations where they have not reported back to the Dashboard in X days. Depending on the Operating System and Agent version, either removal action can trigger the Agent uninstall.

Inactive workstations operates on a timer that starts when the feature is first enabled, the time prior to enabling the feature is not included in this calculation.

Where you are aware of existing inactive workstations before enabling this feature and do not wish to wait until the entered threshold is reached. We would suggest manual removal.

  1. Go to Settings > General Settings > Agent Management > Inactive Workstations
  2. Enable Automatically delete workstations from Dashboard if Agent is not uploading data
  3. Configure as required:
    • Delete workstation from Dashboard if no data received for x days (minimum 60 days)
    • Email me at least y days before deletion of workstation from Dashboard (minimum 5 days)
    • Sends a workstation removal notification to your Dashboard's Main Contact email address on Friday mornings.

      To change this email address please reach out to your account manager.

  4. OK to save and apply

Agent Reinstallation

Only one instance of a device name (server or workstation) is supported for a Client and specific Site combination. As such the Agent registration fails if you attempt to install a Device with the same name as one that already exists under the selected Client and Site. For example if Workstation01 already exists under Client1, Site1 you cannot add another workstation called Workstation01 to Client1, Site1.

To provide a solution to this issue for workstations, the Agent Reinstallation option automatically deletes the existing workstation entry on the Dashboard when an Agent with the same name (assigned against the same Client and Site) is registered, i.e. reinstalled.

  1. Go to Settings > General Settings > Agent Management > Agent Reinstallation
  2. Enable Automatically delete workstations from Dashboard if Agent is reinstalled
  3. OK to save and apply