Advanced Monitoring Agent and System Requirements

The following Advanced Monitoring Agents support the Managed Antivirus feature:

  • Windows Agent
  • Mac Agent 3.2.0 and later

System Requirements—Bitdefender Engine

Windows Operating Systems
Workstations Servers

Windows 11

Windows 10

Windows 8.1

Windows 8

Windows 7

Windows Server 2012 R2

Windows Server 2012

Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2008 with Service Pack 1

Windows Server 2008 R2 with Service Pack 1

Windows Server 2008 with Service Pack 1

Mac Operating Systems

macOS Monterey (12)

macOS Big Sur (11)

macOS Mojave (10.14.x)

macOS HighSierra (10.13.x)

macOS Sierra (10.12.x)

OS X El Capitan (10.11.x)

Unless otherwise stated, the Bitdefender engine supports both 32 and 64-bit architecture.

Managed Antivirus (Bitdefender engine) will only install on Server 2008 with Service Pack 1 installed.

If this Service Pack requirement is not met, Managed Antivirus shows as pending on the dashboard (rather than Failed) and will not complete the installation process.

Workstation 2 GHz or faster

Minimum: 2.4 GHz single-core CPU

Recommended: 1.86 GHz or faster Intel Xeon multi-core CPU

Minimum 800Mhz
Memory (Free RAM)
Minimum 1024 MB
Disk Space
Free 1024 MB

Actual RAM and disk usage is lower after installation

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