Review the OID information to use in the Check

After reviewing the MIB and OID information returned from the device. We will use the OID and value information from the ifTable to create our custom SNMP Check.

As we want our SNMP Check to monitor all interfaces in the table. We will use OIDs without an index value. Where you want to query a specific indicator. You can enter its index number when setting up the Check.

Name: ifDescr

OID: .

Syntax: DisplayString

Note: Description. Used to identify the interface in the Check


Name: ifPhysAddress

OID: .

Syntax: PhysAddress

Note: Interface's address at the protocol layer


Name: ifOperStatus

OID: .

Syntax: Integer

Raw Value/Value: 1 (up), 2 (down), 3 (testing), 4 (unknown), 5 (dormant), 6 (notPresent), 7 (lowerLayerDown)

The Check reports back the Raw Value.

Note: State of the interface


Name: ifSpeed

OID: .

Syntax: Gauge

Note: Current bandwidth in bits per second

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