Setup Network Discovery

Network Device Monitoring utilizes Network Discovery to identify those supported devices that are attached to the network and once selected for monitoring, the Network Discovery Agents run Checks against the devices.

There are two stages to get up and running with Network Discovery

Enable Network Discovery Agents

This deploys the Network Discovery Agents on to the target networks and is configurable for all devices (Servers and/or Workstations) or at the Client, Site or Device level.

Place Network under Management

Where at least one Network Discovery Agent has installed on to a network, you can then setup network management via the Networks tab.

This instructs the Network Discovery Agents to query the network and upload the results to the Networks tab. From here you can view the discovered devices in the Connected Devices section.

When placing a network under management, ensure the SNMP credentials are configured to match those in use throughout the network.

For more detailed information on Network Discovery, please visit the Network Discovery section.