Returning the Script results to the Dashboard

The status of the script - pass or fail - can be reported to the Dashboard through exit codes.

Where the returned exit code is zero the script is recorded as passed, with any non-zero exit code resulting in a failure.

Exit codes 1 to 999 are reserved for use by the system scripts. As such we would suggest returning an exit code greater than 1000 in your scripts to ensure the text output is displayed correctly in the Dashboard.

We support scripts up to a maximum of 65,535 characters in size and script output up to 10000 characters

Exit Code Result
0 Pass
>0 Fail
1 - 999 Reserved exit codes
>1000 Displays text output in Dashboard

To output text from the script to the Dashboard, simply echo from the script to standard output (stdout).

For example in DOS Batch, VBScript, PowerShell and Bash this can be achieved by:

Script Type



DOS Batch


echo "Success Message"

echo "Error Message"

exit 0

exit 1001




wscript.echo( "Success Message" )

wscript.echo( "Error Message" )






Write-Host "Success Message"

Write-Host "Error Message"

Exit 0

Exit 1001





echo "Success Message"

echo "Error Message"

exit 0

exit 1001

If using custom PowerShell scripts in the Automation Manager the script's exit codes are only consumed within the Run PowerShell Script module and not passed back to the Dashboard.

To generate a Dashboard failure where the PowerShell script fails, add an If or If/Else Control Flow condition and include the Fail Policy module.

For example, Run PowerShell Script (Extensions) > If (Control Flow) > ThenFail Policy (Control Flow).

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