Script User Interaction

The Agent service executes the script which runs under the service process, where user interaction - including dialogs, messages etc - is not supported.

For example, services start in session 0 (where user interaction is unavailable) with each logged on user assigned the next session.

As such when authoring a script for use with system we would suggest they do not require any user or desktop interaction, as the scripts will fail or produce unexpected behavior.

An example of the types of unsupported user-interaction scripts are included below:

  • Where any GUI (Graphical User Interface) components are displayed. For example running an installer in passive mode which shows progress, displaying a pop-up message to the user.
  • Require mapped drive access. Although the drive may already be mapped on the user¬ís station, running under the service will require remapping. Another consideration is that depending on configuration and permissions, the service may not have access to shared drives.
  • Environmental variable will change depending on the user running the script. For example echo %appdata% will expand a different path depending on whether the script is executed by the service or in a user process.

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