External Links

Rather than use the product selector in the top-right of the Dashboard, the Automated Task's More Information links or the Risk Intelligence reports in the Reports drop-down. There is the option to setup External Links to direct the user to the Risk Intelligence login page.

To setup an External Link in the Dashboard:

  1. Go to Settings > Configure External Links.
  2. Click New and for identification enter a descriptive Name for the link
  3. Poulate the URL, for example https://us.ri.logicnow.com/
  4. Choose Force HTTPS and POST as the method
  5. Click Save to apply

The entered URL will become selectable from the External Links drop-down.

As a security precaution we would advise against entering a Username or Password in the External Links dialog as once added this link (including any stored credentials parameters) is available to all Dashboard users.

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