Password Reset

Forgetting a password can be both inconvenient and time-consuming not only for the user, but also for the person who administers the Dashboard, who must login and reset the user’s password. As such from Dashboard 5.53 we have incorporated the option for a Dashboard users to request a password reset from the login page.

Along with the user password reset option, we have included the ability for the Dashboard administrator (using a Superuser level login) to force users to reset their password the next time they login. This can be particularly useful when manually enforcing a password expiration policy.

User Password Reset: Forgot Password?

User Password Reset: Navigation Bar

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Username format, as the password reset mechanism requires an email address to receive the reset email, we suggest only entering active and valid email addresses for Dashboard users to ensure they can reset their passwords without additional administrative intervention.

Two Factor Authentication, please note resetting the user’s password does not affect the verification code required to access the Dashboard.