Overdue Device Alerting

The device is regarded as overdue where it has not uploaded data to the Dashboard within the specified time period and we have not received a graceful shutdown message. The handling of these overdue devices depends on whether it is a server or workstation.

An overdue device may indicate an issue with the device, which could be a connectivity issue, a problem with the Advanced Monitoring Agent or something else.

The Troubleshooting section contains some KB's regarding Overdue Devices should you require to investigate unexpected Overdue devices: Troubleshooting: Overdue Device search results

Where a connectivity issue is suspected, ensure the Network Connectivity Requirements have been met by the device.


To highlight data was not received, overdue servers appear in the Dashboard and Wall Chart with a red background Last Response time. In addition to this visual indicator, a notification email or SMS Alert is sent when the device fails to report in and a recovery message sent when the server subsequently reports back. This server alerting behavior is enabled by default, but may be configured to meet your requirements.

The overdue status for servers is only available if 24x7 Checks are configured on the device. Where the Agent is installed with only Daily Safety Checks or in Asset Tracking only (no Checks) the device will not report as overdue.

As some devices may require a longer, or shorter, time-period to report in, you can set how long a server fails to report back before it is marked as overdue.

  1. Right-click the device in the North-pane and select Edit Server
  2. Go to General Settings
  3. For Send an overdue alert if the server has not reported in after n minute(s), use the drop-down menu to enter the target time

    The period of inactivity is configurable from 1 minute to 6 hours, with overdue alerting of less than 15 minutes only available on servers with 5 minute monitoring.

    For example, if you use 5-minute monitoring and select 2 minutes, if the server reports into the Dashboard at 12:00:00, we would expect it to check back in at around 12:05:00. If no communication is received from the server by 12:07:00, an overdue Alert is sent.

  4. To send an SMS alert when the Server goes overdue, enable Also send SMS alert (optional)
  5. Click OK to save and apply
  6. Due to overdue alert processing and verification, it may take between 10 to 30 seconds before the alert is sent.

    Enhanced overdue reporting utilizes the technology incorporated in our faster monitoring improvements and please ensure all Agent URLs are reachable from the device to take advantage of this feature.


Where a workstations fails to communicate back to the Dashboard within 1.5 times the monitoring interval (non-configurable) its Last Response Time is highlighted in yellow in the Dashboard and Wall Chart.

The workstation overdue mechanism is different to the technology used for server reporting. It does not support the generation of data overdue or received alerting and is not tied to the 24x7 Checks. For example if there are no Checks configured (for example Asset Tracking Only (no template) or only Daily Safety Checks enabled the workstation will display as overdue.

Agent Check-in behavior after Server or Workstation Restart

When a workstation or server powers on, the Agent reports back to the Dashboard shortly after startup. This ensures the Last Response column in the Dashboard more accurately reflects the computer's actual state.