Edit Checks (Device)

Monitoring requirements can change over time and to support this adjustment we have included the option to edit existing Checks at the Device level.

Common to all Checks

  1. Select the target Device in the Network Devices North-pane.
  2. Go to the South-pane Checks tab.
  3. Right-click on the Check (or from the Check drop-down) chose Edit Check.

Cartridge Level Check, Paper Level Check, Interface Check and PING Check

  1. Where required, amend the Descriptive Name, select or deselect the Monitored Metrics and manage Thresholds.
  2. Review the settings then OK to apply.

Custom SNMP Check

To make changes to a currently configured SNMP Check (feature available from Dashboard 2019.09.16).

  1. Where required, amend the Setup (including the Auto-Apply settings), Queries (including Metrics) and Alerts settings.
  2. Review the Summary then click Save and Apply.

Visit Add Custom SNMP Checks for configuration information. Go to Create a Custom SNMP Check Walkthrough for a breakdown and example of populating the check fields.

The Edit option is not available for auto-applied Custom SNMP Checks or system added Extended Monitoring SNMP Checks.

However, the settings for auto-applied Custom SNMP Checks are configurable in the Custom SNMP Check Library. Please be aware that any library Check changes automatically cascade to all Devices using that Check.