Monitor and manage mobile devices

In N-sight RMM, you can monitor and manage mobile devices using the following options:

Monitor in the North-pane

In the North-pane, mobile devices that are enrolled in Device Management for Apple and are successfully registered include a green tick against the device and the operating system and device type are displayed.

You can filter Mobile devices using the drop-down to show All Mobile Devices, Active Mobile Devices, Unregistered Mobile Devices and Apple Device Managed devices.

The Mobile Devices tab in North-pane includes the following information:

Column Column Description or Options Icon
Operating System Apple iOS ios_icon
Device Type Phone phone_icon
Tablet tablet_icon
Client The Client the mobile device is registered against
Site The associated Site
Device The device name assigned when the device was added in the N-sight RMM Dashboard
Policy Type/Ownership Company (COD) mdm_cod
Employee (BYOD) client_icon
Device Holder User name and email address
Phone Number Phone Number (where applicable)
Last Response The last time the device communicated with the Dashboard

Monitor in the South-pane

The South-pane displays Summary information about the device selected in the North-pane.

The Summary tab provides information about the supported features and the hardware and network details for the device.

The summary information displayed in the South-pane is dependent on the management options enabled for the device.

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