Delete Dashboard Users

There may be times when it is necessary to remove Dashboard users, for example when the employee leaves the company.

  1. Log into the Dashboard under an account with Users permissions enabled (for example SuperUser)
  2. Go to Settings > Users > User Accounts
  3. Click the "Delete User" trashcan icon to mark users for removal - as a visual indicator of the pending removal state the Username, Role and Client Groups columns associated with the users contain a strikethrough and the trashcan icon changes to "Undelete User
  4. Click on the ""Undelete User icon to deselect a user (only available before pressing Save)
  5. Click Save and enter the password you have logged into the Dashboard under to confirm


As each account must have at least once login, the default Agent Key cannot be selected for deletion. To change the username associated with the Agent Key, use the Edit Username option to replace it with an alternative address.

As a security measure we have included the option to disable or Enable Agent Key user Dashboard access at the bottom of the Users dialog and when disabled (unticked) this limits Staff Dashboard access to Superuser, Administrator, Standard level (including Classic) or where the user has a custom role.

The option to restrict Agent Key access to the Dashboard is particularly useful where the ex-employee has knowledge of the Agent Key as when used with the delete option for their user account, this will completely remove their Dashboard access. Similarly, if the ex-employee has access to the API key we would strongly suggest generating a new one.