Delete users

You can delete user accounts from N-sight RMM. For example, when an employee leaves the company you may want to delete their user account.

You cannot delete the Agent Key since you must have at least one N-sight RMM user account. To change the username associated with the Agent Key, use Edit Username to replace it with an alternative email address.


  • To delete a user, you must be signed into N-sight RMM using an Agent Key, a Superuser role, or a user with the User Accounts permission enabled.

Delete an N-sight RMM user

  1. On the N-sight RMM Dashboard, go to SettingsUsersUser Accounts
  2. For the target user, click the trashcan to mark it for deletion

    The user information changes to strikethrough text and the trashcan icon changes to an icon to Undelete User.

  3. (Optional) Before you click Save, you can click the Undelete User icon to cancel a user deletion
  4. Click Save and enter the password you used to sign into N-sight RMM to confirm

The user account is deleted and it is removed from the User Accounts list.

The option to Disable Agent Key user Dashboard access is useful if a former employee has knowledge of the Agent Key since when that option is used and you delete the employee's user account, the former employee no longer has N-sight RMM access. Also, if a former employee has access to the API key, we strongly recommend you generate a new one.