Hyper-V 2012 Replication

Automation automation objects automation policy tasks automation manager

Automation Manager enables you to eliminate repetitive tasks across your customer base by creating repeatable processes known as Automation Policies, using a visual "drag and drop" scripting interface. For more information, see Construct a Policy (script) using Automation Manager.

Assembling an Automation Manager Policy draws on the Objects (a set of actions or tasks) library. To make automating processes easier, N-sight RMM includes the default Automation Objects listed below.

Replication Authority Entry Addition Replication Statistics Get Information for All VMs Replication VM Start Initial Replication
Replication Authority Entry Remove Replication Statistics Get Information for One VM Replication VM Stop Initial Replication
Replication Authority Information Replication Statistics Reset Replication VM Stop Replication
Replication Authority Modify Replication VM Delete Replication Config Replication VM Suspend Replication
Replication Host Disable Replication Replication VM Enable Replication VM Failover Complete Failover Process
Replication Host Enable Replication Replication VM Get Replication Information for All VMs VM Failover Start Failover Process
Replication Host Get Replication Configuration Information Replication VM Get Replication Information for One VM VM Failover Stop Failover Process
Replication Host Modify Replication Settings Replication VM Resume Replication