Install .NET 4.5.1 Automated Task

.NET 4.5.1 (or later) is a requirement on computers running Automation Manager created .amp scripts. .NET 4.5.1 was automatically included from Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Server 2012 R2. For other Windows Operating Systems supported by Automation Manager, Microsoft offers compatible downloads.

When attempting to run a .amp script the Agent queries the computer to determine whether a supported version of .NET is installed.

A missing or unsupported version of .NET will cause the Check or Task to fail. The cause of this failure appears in the More Information section of the Check or Task.

We detect the presence of .NET on a device, but do not automatically install or upgrade the program. As it can be time-consuming to download and install .NET 4.5.1 on each computer, an Install .NET 4.5.1 Automated Task is available. This System Control Automated Task allows you to install .NET 4.5.1 on the target devices at a time of your choosing.


The device may need a reboot to complete the .NET installation process. When using the Install .NET 4.5.1 Automated Task Reboot notifications are hidden from the end-user. Instead a reboot message appears in the Device's Summary tab on the Dashboard. An icon is also displayed against the device in the Reboot Required column.

Use the Reboot command to restart the computer at a time convenient to both you and the user.

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