SSO Migration

Passportal's update to use N-able SSO unifies the login process to match that of the other N-able products, also allowing for seamless switching between them. All Passportal instances will be migrated to N-able SSO in the near future.

The migration to N-able SSO can be started voluntarily from the Passportal Settings options. This allows for the migration to happen at a time suitable to you and your Clients, especially those using Site.

Organizations using DUO will remain on the SSO Migration - development of N-able SSO to support DUO is underway.

Migration can take 10 minutes up to an hour or so, depending on how many Pro-Users as well as Site Users are stored in Passportal.

To migrate to N-able SSO 

  1. Select SettingsGeneralMulti-Factor Authntication tab
  2. Click the Migration to N-able SSO button
  3. Read the Migration to N-able SSO dialog that appears
  4. Triggers on user login behavior for Automated Workflows will no longer be available post migration.

  5. Click OK to confirm the action (or click Cancel to exit without migrating)
  6. Click OK in the migration started dialog

The Multi-Factor Authntication tab will no longer be available once the migration has begun.

Migrated Users

After the SSO account creation is completed, user will now log into Passportal using the Log in with N-able (SSO) process as detailed in Logging in to Passportal.

When migrated, Pro-Users and Site Users will receive an email to activate their Passportal account in SSO.

Each user will need to click the Activation Link (or copy and paste the activation URL also provided) in the email to begin the account creation process.

During the account creation process the user is required to supply a new password, as well as setup MFA using an authenticatorsuch as Google Authenticator, Duo Authenticator or Authy.