Private Portal Overview

Private Portal is a tool used to catch mail which matches the given criteria of any active policy and place it into the Private Portal App to be actioned by the recipient.


For trial accounts - Replying from Private Portal is allowed only if the domain of the sending email address (user logged in Private Portal) is in Mail Assure, and the domain ownership is Verified. Contracted accounts are not affected by this limitation.

Our N-able Single Sign-On (SSO) service is a convenient way for you to access our SSO products (including Take Control, MSP Manager and N-sight) with a single set of login credentials.

Please be aware that any changes to your SSO credentials, including username and password updates, will apply to all of our SSO supporting products and the N-AbleMe.

Private Portal Policies

Policies can be created in the Private Portal then enabled at the Admin, Domain and Email user levels by following the Private Portal Policy Configuration instructions.

To search the list of created policies, this can be done from the Private Portal Policies page by using the Searching and Filtering features.

Managing existing policies (such as enabling, disabling, editing, copying or deleting) can be done on the Private Portal page.

Private Portal Logs

The Private Portal Logs page will display a modified Log Search page. This page is pre-set to display messages with a Private Portal status of 'In portal' or 'Expired' over the last 1 week.

Messages received into the Private Portal are kept for 30 days and displayed in the Private Portal Logs. Once the 30 day limit has been reached, the message is recorded as 'Expired' and permanently deleted.

Private Portal App

While a message in the Private Portal, several actions can be taken against it including replying to, and deleting the message.

If you are a Mail Assure Partner's customer, you will also have the functionality to forward messages within the Portal or create and send new messages.

Audit Logs

The Private Portal Audit Logs allow users to track what actions have been taken against individual messages.

Notification Message Templates

When a message which matches a configured Policy is received, it is directed into the Private Portal and a notification email is sent from Mail Assure to the recipient.

Templates for these notification emails can be created from scratch or based on the default template, which can be copied and personalised from the Private Portal Templates page.