One-Time Restore to Hyper-V

Cove Data Protection (Cove)'s One-Time Restore feature allows you to restore data to Hyper-V or Local VHDX as configured in Add Recovery Locations on an on-demand basis.

It is possible to run one-time restores on devices assigned to either the Recovery Testing or Standby Image plans.


  • Backup Manager version 17.4 and newer
  • Devices and Recovery Locations must belong to the same Customer
  • A Cove Data Protection (Cove) SuperUser or Manager account
  • Recovery Locations must be added to the Management Console and the Recovery service must be installed on the recovery location before one-time restore can occur
    • Recovery Location is an environment where restores will be performed
    • Recovery service is a service which perform restores on that Recovery location


  • One-Time Restores cannot be used on the RMM integrated version of Backup (Managed Online Backup) or on the N-central integrated version of Backup (Backup and Recovery)
  • One-Time Restores are not available for devices with disabled ‘Virtual disaster recovery’ feature in an assigned Product
  • 32-bit architecture is not supported
  • Due to a Microsoft limitation, Hyper-V does not support FAT/FAT32/ExFAT formatted drives. For this reason, please use NTFS formatted drives for Standby Image. More information can be found in the Microsoft Documentation for Hyper-V
  • Maximum supported capacity for virtual hard disks is 64 TB per disk
  • Devices can only be assigned to one Recovery Location

What is restored?

The following data sources are supported and restored to the Hyper-V recovery location given that they are selected for backup in the Product, or data source selection:

  • System State
  • Files and Folders
  • Exchange
  • SharePoint
  • MS SQL

What's inside: