System state recovery requirements

Hardware requirements

The hardware you want to perform recovery to must be the same model as the original. Some differences are critical (for example, different drivers), others are not (for example, the new hardware with more disk space than the original hardware).

You can try recovery to dissimilar hardware at your own risk but we cannot guarantee that all the features will function correctly.

Software requirements

  1. The operating system must be the same as the original
  2. The build versions and service packs must be the same
  3. (For domain controllers) An empty Active Directory must be available (you can create it using DCPromo)
  4. If the device being restored is an Active Directory, the device must be booted into Directory Services Restore Mode (DSRM)

Alternative recovery options

If some of the requirements cannot be met, consider the following alternatives to pure System State recovery:

Virtual Disaster Recovery and Bare Metal Recovery

Be aware that in order to successfully restore using the Virtual Disaster Recovery or Bare Metal Recovery methods, you must back up the full System State data source


Instructions on restoring data from this data source can be found on Recovering data in Backup Manager.