Virtual disaster recovery guide

The Virtual Disaster Recovery feature lets you create a working mirror of your computer and run it in a virtual environment. The mirror can be kept up-to-date automatically through the Continuous Restore feature.

The feature is currently available on Windows devices. Please contact your service provider to add the Virtual Disaster Recovery to your service package (if it is not included yet).

You can perform virtual disaster recovery to the following targets:

  • VMware VMDK (local)
  • VMware ESXi (on a remote server)
  • Hyper-V (local)
  • Local VHD files (local, no Hyper-V installation required)

It is highly recommended to use an isolated network for tests. Performing virtual disaster recovery to a production environment can result in conflicts (for example, there can be 2 machines with the same IP addresses). Such conflicts lead to errors and data loss.

Please carefully check the Virtual Disaster Recovery Requirements for the correct recovery type before beginning with the Virtual Disaster Recovery Instructions.

Critical Restore? We’re not the judge of when a recovery is especially time critical—you are.

Critical Restore is our partner-driven fast escalation process. Just let us know on your initial support call, email, or chat message that a specific recovery is especially time sensitive, and we’ll bring all hands on deck immediately to help you get your customer back up and running ASAP.

For more details please see the Critical Restore FAQ's.