Restoring data in Documents

In Documents, all primary restore options are available:

  • The ability to restore any file version from a backup in the last 28 days
  • The ability to select files or directories for restore
  • Search for files and directories available for restore
  • Restoring data to the original location or to a new one
  • The restore-only mode (activated through device re-installation with the -restore-only flag)


Restoring data via the Backup Manager works the same way for Documents as it does for a full backup.

  1. Launch the Backup Manager for the device
  2. If you are restoring date to a new device, this can be done by using Backup Manager Restore-Only Mode

  3. Open the Restore tab
  4. Select the backup session you want to restore from using the Session Date and Time selection
  5. Select the data you want to restore using the file tree to select the full data source or select individual files or directories
  6. Specify where to restore the selected data:
    • to the original location
    • to a new location: enter the target location
  7. Select Skip files that have not changed if you wish to only restore files which have been modified between the date of backup and the date of restore
  8. Click Restore and wait until the restore process is completed

Some of the standard features are restricted: