Cloud Commander overview

Cloud Commander is a multi-tenant solution that integrates with the Microsoft ecosystem to help you manage, secure, standardize, and automate Microsoft 365 users, Microsoft Azure resources, and Microsoft Intune managed devices from a single application.

Cloud Commander acts on behalf of your Microsoft partner tenant and uses Microsoft's secure application model framework and granular delegated admin privileges (GDAP) to manage your customers.

Cloud Commander is currently optimized for direct and indirect Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers (CSPs).

Microsoft 365

Use Cloud Commander to manage your daily Microsoft 365 tasks across multiple tenants from a single application. You can onboard and offboard users ensuring they have their licenses, configurations, mailboxes, and Teams Channels set up. You can also add and manage subscriptions, including self-service actions for customers if you are a direct CSP.


Microsoft Azure resources

Use Cloud Commander to monitor and manage Microsoft Azure resources. Use the Azure Dashboard and Azure alerts to detect potential problems at-a-glance and drill down to view more specific data. View, filter, and export Microsoft Azure resource data across all your managed customers, drill down to view essential resource details, and perform actions on virtual machines.

Microsoft Intune managed devices

Use Cloud Commander to view all Microsoft Intune managed devices for one or more customers, and to drill down to view device details and perform actions. You can also apply Microsoft Intune device profiles and policies, enabling cross-tenant global policies to standardize configurations.

Windows 365 Cloud PCs

Use Cloud Commander to view all Windows 365 Cloud PCs for one or more customers, and to drill down to view device details and perform actions.


In Cloud Commander, you can view the following reports:


Power Automate and Cloud Commander (Preview)

Cloud Commander connects with Microsoft Power Automate to help you quickly and securely streamline repetitive tasks using a low-code environment to integrate with hundreds of pre-built connectors from many software vendors. You can use Power Automate connectors, including the Cloud Commander connector, to create flows that automate your common tasks.

For more information about Microsoft Power Automate, see the Microsoft Power Automate documentation.

The Cloud Commander connector enables you to automate repetitive tasks normally performed by a user in the Cloud Commander user interface. The connector includes pre-built actions, and flow templates for onboarding and offboarding users.

See Power Automate and Cloud Commander (Preview).

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Updated: Jun 07, 2024