Notifications for actions taken in Cloud Commander. View user account details and log out. Use arrow to expand options. Use arrows to expand and contract the left navigation.

Navigation and tools

Cloud Commander includes the following navigation menus and tools so you can filter and search to find what you need, move between product functions, and see notifications:

Product bar

Hover over the highlighted areas for information about the Product bar at the top of Cloud Commander:

Left navigation

  Using the left navigation, you can navigate between the dashboard, the Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Intune assets, Identity pages, and other features.

When you view the left navigation in standard view, only the icons display, and the icon descriptions are hidden. Click the double arrows at the bottom to view the icon descriptions.

Hover over the highlighted areas for more information.

For information about each menu, see Left navigation menus.

Global customer selector

  The global customer selector is located at the top of the Cloud Commander application. Use the global customer selector to set your business context by selecting the customers you want to see by default throughout Cloud Commander.

The global customer selector only lists the customers you are authorized to access based on your user permissions or platform role.

You customer selections are saved and still selected when you sign out and back into Cloud Commander, but you can edit the selections.

When you are working in a wizard, the wizard automatically selects your default global customers, but you can remove or add customers in the wizard for that specific task.

Tools for filtering, searching, and exporting tables

The tables in Cloud Commander enable you to filter, search, and sort data. You can choose the columns you want, filter to find the data you want, export data to Excel, and more.

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Updated: Jan 31, 2024