Automated discovery using a probe

The easiest method of discovering and importing devices in your customer’s environment is using an N-able N-central probe and a discovery job. Probes provide network discovery, monitoring and management services for devices on a private network. A probe is a Windows application that resides on a computer, such as a server, within a customer network behind the firewall or in the private IP space.

Before installing a Windows probe add the customer or site where you want to discover devices, and prepare your customer environment topics to ensure everything is ready for deployment You can then install a probe and continue to Importing devices discovered by the Windows probe.

Alternative methods for non-Windows devices, or devices not currently accessible, are described in the topic, Other deployment methods.

Domain-based environment

In a domain based environment, a discovery task gives you the option of automatically deploying agents to Microsoft Windows based devices and automatically importing them into N-able N-central. This is the preferred method, and should be used unless devices you will monitor are non-Windows or are not accessible via the network.

Workgroup environment

In a workgroup environment, use a probe discovery to identify and import network devices such as switch, router and firewall devices. Your agent deployment will be a manual process.