Manage Apple push notification service certificates

N-able N-central uses the Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) to securely communicate with iOS devices over the air when the administrator requests information. Administrators need to upload Individual APNS certificates for each Customer or Site managed by N-able N-central.

No data is transmitted through the APNS service, only notifications.

To obtain an APNS certificate from Apple, will need an Apple ID.

Generate an APNS certificate

  1. Click ConfigurationMobile Devices > Manage APNS Certificate.
  2. Complete the Certificate Details and click Generate.
  3. Click Download CSR.
  4. In the Create Apple Push Certificate area, click the link to the Apple web site.
  5. On the site, sign in to the Apple Push Certificates Portal using your Apple ID and password and click Create a Certificate.
  6. Click I have read and agree to these terms and conditions and click Accept.
  7. Click Browse and locate and open the CSR file that downloaded in step 3, then click Upload.
  8. In the Confirmation screen, click Download and save the Apple Push Certificate to your computer.
  9. In the Upload Apple Push Certificate area in N-able N-central, click Browse to locate the certificate and click Upload Certificate.

The certificate uploads to the N-able N-central server and enables communication with iOS devices to begin.

Renew an APNS certificate

When an APNS certificate is about to expire, it is important that it be renewed. iOS mobile devices can not be managed by N-able N-central if the APNS certificate has expired. If it expires, you need to re-generate an APNS certificate and then re-invite the iOS device. Therefore, it is beneficial to renew the certificate before expiry.

  • If you generated more than one APNS certificate using the same Apple ID, you can renew all of the certificates at the same time.
    1. In a browser, go to the Apple Push Certificate Portal web site.
    2. It is strongly recommended that you use Safari or Chrome as your browser. Using Internet Explorer to renew an APNS certificate may generate errors.

    3. Sign in using the Apple ID and password that you used to initially create the APNS certificate. If you use a different Apple ID, you will have to re-enroll all managed mobile devices.
    4. Select the certificate that you want to renew and click Renew Certificate.
    5. Review the terms and conditions and click Accept.
    6. Upload the signed certificate that you had previously received.
    7. A new certificate for managing the iOS devices will appear in the Apple Push Certificate Portal.
    8. Download the Apple signed certificate and save the Apple Push Certificate to the appropriate folder on your computer.
    9. Under Upload Apple Push Certificate, click Browse.
    10. Navigate to the saved Apple Push Certificate file and click Upload Certificate.