Add a new Apple Push Certificate

Apple uses Push Notification Certificates to maintain persistent communication between Apple Devices. You must add a Push Notification Certificate before you can enroll and manage devices in Device Management for Apple(DMA).

To simplify the enrollment process for new clients, we recommend you add their push certificate before you onboard their Apple devices.

After you add a Push Notification Certificate for your account or for a Client, all devices included in that account or for that Client expect to enroll in DMA, and have a status of Awaiting Approval. The devices stay in the Awaiting Approval state until the Enrollment Helper is turned on and end users enroll their devices.

Certificates are available from the Apple Push Certificates portal and are valid for one year. To maintain service continuity, the certificate must be renewed before the expiration date.

When a Push Notification Certificate expires, Apple requires a new certificate. If you have to add a new certificate rather than renew one, you must re-enroll your device in Device Management for Apple.

To add an Apple Push Notification Certificate, follow these steps:

Devices require re-enrollment if they are moved between clients with different Push Notification Certificates, or when you add a customer push certificate for a client and their devices were previously registered under your account certificate.