System Automation Objects

Automation automation objects automation policy tasks automation manager

Automation Manager enables you to eliminate repetitive tasks across your customer base by creating repeatable processes known as Automation Policies, using a visual "drag and drop" scripting interface.

Assembling an Automation Manager Policy draws on the Automation Objects (a set of actions or tasks) library. To make automating processes easier, N-able N-central includes the default System Automation Objects listed below.

Chkdsk Get Volume List
CleanMgr Get Windows Features
Clear Remote Desktop Client History Get Windows Optional Features
Collect Drive Details Get Windows OS Version and Build
Computer Uptime Get Windows Product Key
Create Mapped Details Get WMI Object
Delete Mapped Drive Input Prompt
Delete Temporary Files Install PowerShell Module
Disable CDROM Drive Install Specific MS Patch
Disable Drive AutoRun Install Windows Optional Feature
Disable UAC Is UAC Enabled
Disable USB Mass Storage Devices List Hotfixes
Disable Windows Action Center List Network Shares
Disable Wireless List Startup Applications
Disk Defragmentation Lock Workstation
Empty Recycle Bin Log Off All Users
Enable CDROM Drive Log Off Current User
Enable DHCP Prompt
Enable Drive AutoRun Reboot Prompt
Enable UAC Remove Default Wallpaper
Enable USB Mass Storage Devices Remove Network Shares
Enable Windows Action Center Remove PowerShell Module
Enable Wireless Remove Windows Optional Feature
Force Windows Update Rename Computer
Get Available Windows Updates Renew DHCP
Get BaseBoard Information Restart System
Get Battery Information Scheduler Prompt
Get BIOS Information Search Google
Get CDRom Information Set Date
Get Computer System Information Set Default Browser
Get Date Set Default IE Homepage
Get Default Browser Set Environmental Variable
Get Desktop Monitor Information Set Power Plan
Get Environment Variable Set PoweShell Execution Policy
Get Last Boot Time Set PowerShell Transcription Logging
Get Logical Disk Information Set Screensaver Settings
Get Mapped Drives Set Static IP
Get OS Architecture Shutdown Computer
Get OS Service Pack Level Software Inventory
Get OS Type Suspend Workstation
Get Physical Memory Information Sync Time with DC
Get PowerShell Version Sync Time with External NTP
Get PowerShell Execution Policy Take Screenshot
Get Processor Information Uninstall Software
Get System Enclosure Information Windows Installer
Get System Timezone  
Get USB Devices Information