Uninstall Software

Uninstalls software that is already installed on a computer.

Input Parameters

Name Type Required Description
Application Name String Yes The name of the installed application you want to uninstall. The application name is the name of the program as found using the Software Inventory object. The asterisk, '*', cannot be used as a wildcard.

Output Parameters

Name Type Description
Result Number Returns a success value of zero or any value other than zero to indicate failure.

Example Input Parameters

Name Type Required Example
Application Name String Yes ActiveState Komodo Edit 6.1.1
The Software Inventory Object will list all applications installed on the device. To the right of each application Name will be True or False which indicates:
  • True - indicates that the application is available for silent uninstall.
  • False - indicates that the application is not available for silent uninstall. Although during testing, some applications listed as being available for silent uninstall do require some user intervention and will fail to be uninstalled when using the Uninstall Software Object.