Security Manager modules

Security Manager uses a number of components, or modules, that you use to build a security profile. Each module focuses on a part of Internet traffic to ensure that your customer's devices, network and information are protected.

The Security Manager modules include:

  • Anti-Malware — provides a means to detect and defeat malware threats before they have a chance to inflict damage to devices.
  • Behavioral Analysis — examines the behavior of a file and determines if the file may be a threat. The IDS detects and blocks attempts to change system files, registry entries and DLL injection.
  • Network Scan — provides data protection for user web browsing and also scans various types of network traffic for potential security threats.
  • Content Control — provides a way to restrict what users can access and send over the Internet. This includes access, and scheduled access to the internet and blocking applications and some of their data access.
  • Anti-Phishing — automatically blocks known website forgery or "spoofing" web sites to prevent users from inadvertently disclosing private or confidential information.
  • Firewall — controls access to network resources, network services, and to the Internet by specified applications.
  • Disk Encryption — protects your customers' data due to theft or accidental loss, by rendering information on hard drives unreadable to unauthorized users.