Manage your tickets using the Ticket Queue in your Helpdesk

Create ticket queues from the Workspace Helpdesk and view each queue side by side with your ticket list, which updates by clicking each queue and provides easy access to the queue's associated tickets. The Ticket Queue widget has the same functionality as the Ticket Queue editor, available in the settings menu, and it is much more accessible while working in your Workspace Helpdesk.

  1. From the navigation link on the left side of the page, select Workspaces > System > Helpdesk to access the Workspace Helpdesk page.
  2. Select Ticket Queues from the workspace page tabs at the top of the page and select a queue from the list on the left to view its associated tickets.
  3. At the top of the Queues list, click the plus icon to add a new ticket queue on the fly.
  4. Enter the new queue's basic information, select the Active check-box, specify multiple users or teams to add to the queue and click save when finished.

The new ticket queue is added to the list of queues in the left navigation menu. Click each queue to populate the ticket list with the tickets attached to the selected queue.

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