View and manage rates using the Rate List widget

Use the Rate List widget to easily view and manage the rates tied to your service plans and service items. Add the Rate List widget to your helpdesk page for quick access to the different rates you charge your customers.

Search for and edit rates on the fly, or create new rates, all while working next to your ticket list.

  1. From your Helpdesk or other workspace page, click in the top right corner and select Add Widget. If you are not working in a Personal Workspace page, click Export as Personal to edit and add Widgets to the page.
  2. Select Service Item from the filter options on the left and click the plus sign next to Rate List to add that widget to your workspace page. You can also use the search option above the list of widgets to find the Rate List widget.
  3. The Rate List widget is immediately added to your workspace page and you can close the Add Widget Window when you are finished.

  4. Your workspace page is now in Edit Mode, click the Configure Iconto edit and configure the widget's settings.
  5. Change the title of the widget and select whether to hide or display that title.
  6. In the Linkage section of the Configuration Window, click the Yes/No slider button to activate linkage for that Widget, and select a Widget to link to that also has the Linkage option activated. Learn more about linking widgets.
  7. Click the Filter icon to configure the widget's filtering options by selecting one or multiple customers from the list.
  8. Select one or more service items from the Service Item List, which is populated with the selected customers' service items.
  9. Click the save icon to confirm the changes to your filter settings.

After saving your filter settings for the Rate List Widget, you can interact with it from your workspace:

  • Click any Rate in the list to open and view it's information and edit the rate on the fly.
  • Use the plus icon in the top right corner of the widget to add a new rate.
  • Click the Widget Settings menu to configure filtering options or manually refresh the rate list.

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