Create a Workflow Access Group

Workflow Access Groups help to group together your customers so that all incoming emails for a specific type of event, like an incoming email, response to a ticket or ticket request from the Customer Portal. When a Workflow Access Group (WAG) is initially enabled, ticket routing is still in effect for any customer not added to the WAG.

As a best practice, create a Workflow Access Group and add one or two customers to it to test the feature and determine if your rules are set up like you prefer. Then add additional customers to the Access Group after you are satisfied with testing the feature.

Make sure each technician has the appropriate permissions for configuring Workflow Access Groups.

  1. Click Settings > Tickets & Workflows > Workflow Access Groups.
  2. Click Add to create the new Access Group.
  3. Enter a name for the Access Group and select the Workflow Event Type.
  4. Choose the customers you would like to add to the Access Group.
  5. Enable the Access Group when you are ready to turn on Workflows and Rules for the selected customers.
  6. Save the Access Group.

Workflow Access Groups are created per Event Type. After customers are added to a Workflow Access Group, the normal ticket routing rules for that specific event type (e.g. incoming email, RMM outage) are turned off for that customer and are replaced by the Workflow Routing Rules of the Event Type attached to the Workflow Access Group.

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