Search for tickets globally or locally

Click at the top of any ticket list to open the Ticket Search field. From the Helpdesk or a customer's ticketing section, select the drop down arrow to the left of the search field to switch between Local and Global search. The Ticket Search option searches for tickets locally by default.

  • A Local search looks for only the Ticket Number and Ticket Title fields in a filtered list of tickets. For instance, a Local search from a customer's ticketing section searches through all the tickets in the list assigned to that customer.
  • A Global search from the Helpdesk searches all tickets for all customers. A Global search from a customer's ticketing section, for instance, searches all tickets for the currently selected customer. Additionally, a Global search extends to all tickets, and searches in Responses, Details, Notes, Time entries, Expenses, Ticket titles and Ticket numbers.

When searching locally, you can first apply filters to the ticket list, then use the search option to search within the filtered list.

If you are searching for tickets by ticket number, enter the ticket number and press CTRL + ENTER. This looks for a single match and opens the ticket editor for that ticket.