Configure ticket routing

MSP Manager allows ticket creation from external sources, including by email, the customer portal, and from N-central .

To view inbound requests, navigate to HelpdeskTicket Requests and select Create Ticket to convert an inbound request to a new ticket.

After configuring the necessary prerequisites for ticket routing, this feature allows for externally created ticket requests from the customer portal or via email to be automatically converted to a new ticket, and assigned to a customer and technician.

How does ticket routing work?

MSP Manager uses ticket routing rules to determine which users to assign to a ticket, as well as an algorithm to evaluate each user against the ticket routing rules.

Each ticket routing rule produces a value in the range of 0 - 5 for each user. The user with the highest score is assigned the ticket. In the case of a numerical tie, MSP Manager assigns the ticket to all of the users with the highest score.

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