Run a billing batch

When it comes time to bill your customers for completed work in a given month, use the billing section in MSP Manager to view all your customers' service items, including all their completed tickets. Create a new billing batch and choose which customers you want to invoice, or select all customers and combine all their services into a single invoice for each customer. After the invoices are generated you can export them to your Quickbooks or Xero accounting system.

  1. Navigate to Billing and select Add Billing Batch.
  2. Select which customers and services to include in the new billing batch:
    • Use the Select All option to choose all customers' service items.
    • Click Filter Service Items to narrow down the customers and services.
    • Expand a customer's service item in the list, and select Include.
  3. Name the batch, and select Run Billing Batch.
  4. Click Select All, or select Include to choose individual service items and create separate invoices.
  5. Select One Invoice Per Customer to combine each customer's billing into one invoice.
  6. Click Generate Invoices.

Export invoices to your accounting software

MSP Manager 's functionality stops at billing. Your accounting software is responsible for sending invoices to your customers, and collecting their payment.

See one of the following topics to integrate your accounting software with MSP Manager and export invoices: