Use the Take Control Proxy

Use Take Control's Proxy when a remote machine has no connection to the Internet, or when it connects to the Internet using an unsupported type of proxy or authentication. Install the Proxy on the remote LAN of a computer that is able to connect to the Agent and Applet.

Configure the Proxy to restrict which Agents or Applets can use it. You can also bind the proxy to multiple network adapters, run it as an application with limited privileges, or as a Windows service.

The Take ControlProxy supports two types of connections:


All the inbound connections are initiated through Take Control gateways. This is a fail safe mode of operation, and it is compatible with all configurations and topologies.

Direct Connect

The Take Control gateways are used to establish remote sessions during the initiation process. After that, the connection between the Take Control Proxy and the Console is made directly. This mode diminishes latency, but is less compatible with more restricted configurations.

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