Search Incoming/Outgoing Archive

At the Admin, Domain and Email level, you can search for incoming and outgoing archived message logs. You can search your own message archive when logged in to the Email Level Control Panel as an Email user or you can search your domains' archived messages from the Admin and Domain Level Control Panels.

Before you can search your Archive, you need to:

To search your archived messages:

  1. Select Archiving > Search - Incoming for incoming logs or Archiving > Search - Outgoing for outgoing logs
  2. This opens the Incoming or Outgoing Log Search with the In archive filter enabled and the search results displayed.

  3. To regenerate the index to include all recent archived messages, click on Regenerate Index at the top of the page. This allows you to search archived message content at Domain level. This means that you can search within archived messages and attachments
  4. In Archiving > Settings, at the Domain Level, you can choose the archive indexing options. If you select everything, the index creation will take longer due to the amount of data to parse. If you limit your selection e.g. headers, html and text, then it will take a lot less time to index your messages. For more information, see Manage Archive Settings.

  5. If you want to filter further, use the Query Rules panel to add more rules using the + New rule link
  6. Use the Customise dropdown to choose what information is displayed for each message e.g. Timestamp, Auth domain, sender, recipient
  7. Click on Show Results
  8. The search results are displayed at the bottom of the page:

    If you are logged in as the domain user for the domain, or as an admin user whose access to view/export Archive messages is restricted (in Users & Permissions - Manage admins by activating Protection for archived messages), you will not be able to view message content. If you click on a message in the Archive search results you will be prompted to go through an authentication process in which you can authenticate as an Email user by logging in with your credentials. Only then will you be able to see your own message content - and not that of any other user.

  9. For listed results, you can perform a variety of actions including:
  10. Actions Available on Log Search Results

    In the Search Results listed you can carry out a variety of actions. These differ depending on the status of the message, and include but are not limited to the listed actions below.

    These options will change depending not only on the user level logged in, but also on the status of the message and whether you are on the Incoming or Outgoing Log Search page.