Install the Remote Background Management (Advanced) Viewer

Remote Background Management (Advanced) is available for Windows and Mac and requires two elements:

  1. A host module on the Windows or Mac computer that requires assistance
  2. A viewer on the device providing assistance (Windows or Mac)

Before launching a session, the Dashboard performs a viewer check and displays a viewer install prompt if the viewer is not detected on the computer.

Rather than wait on this prompt, you can install the viewer before starting the session:

  1. Go to Remote Access > Download Remote Background Viewer
  2. The Dashboard downloads a viewer compatible with your computer's Operating System.
  3. Unpack and run the installer

Install Viewer to a different location in Windows

By default the viewer installs to the APPDATA folder. To install it to a different location:

  1. Download the viewer to the device providing assistance
  2. Open a command prompt on the device and navigate to the location of the downloaded file
  3. Run the following command to install the viewer in the target folder:

RemoteBackgroundViewerInstall_Win.exe /D=<drive>:\<folder>

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