Edit Device Details

You can edit the device details to add a Description, reclassify the Device Type, or change the Device Name to match its Dashboard counterpart (by default the Connected Devices section displays the Hostname*).

  1. Right-click the target device in the Connected Devices or Connection History tab
  2. Select Edit Device
  3. Edit the details in the Device Details for <Device Name> dialog
  4. Click OK

To reset the device details to the original values, even after changes are saved, click Revert to Discovered Values, which is available when changes have been made.


* Network Discovery shows the device hostname on the Dashboard rather than the Monitoring and Management device name that may have been set when the Monitoring Agent was installed in server mode.

To ensure the Network Device name matches its Monitoring and Management counterpart, edit the Network Device Name in the Edit Device dialog. This only changes the name displayed in the Connected Devices panel.

Editable Fields

Field Options
Device Name You can replace the text
Description You can enter text
Device Type
Unknown Device Type unknown_icon Laptop laptop_icon Workstation workstation_icon Server server_icon
Printer printer_icon Phone phone_icon Tablet tablet_icon NAS/SAN san_nas_icon
Wired Router wired_router_icon Wireless Router wireless_router_icon Firewall firewall_icon Switch switch_icon
Set Top Box set_top_box_icon Gaming System gaming_system_icon Virtual Machine vm_icon Home/Office Automation home_auto_icon
Wireless Access Point wireless_router_icon UPS ups IP Camera ups Network Video Recorder ups
Operating System
Unknown OS unknown_icon Windows windows_icon_7 Linux/UNIX linux_icon OSX ios_icon
iOS embim30 Android android_icon Cisco IOS other_os_icon Other OS other_os_icon
OS Version
Unknown Version

Unknown Version



Unknown Version

Windows Vista

Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2008 R2

Windows 7

Windows Server 2012

Windows 8

Windows Server 2012 R2

Windows 8.1

Windows NT 3.5.1

Windows NT 3.1

Windows NT 3.5

Windows NT 4

Windows 10

Windows Server 2016

Windows Home Server 2011

Windows Small Business Server 2011

Microsoft Hyper-V Server

Windows Embedded

Windows CE

Windows Multipoint Server 2011

Windows 2000 Server

Windows Small Business Server 2003

Windows Phone



Unknown Version

Ubuntu Linux

Debian Linux

Mint Linux

Fedora Linux

CentOS Linux


OpenSUSE Linux

Solaris SunOS

RedHat Linux


Unknown Version

OSX Cheetah

OSX Puma

OSX Jaguar

OSX Panther

OSX Tiger

OSX X Leopard

OSX Snow Leopard

OSX Lion

OSX Mountain Lion

OSX X Mavericks

OSX Yosemite

OSX El Capitan

OSX Sierra



Unknown Version



Unknown Version


Cisco IOS

Unknown Version


Other OS

Unknown Version


Non-Editable Fields

Device Information

  • Client
  • Site
  • Hostname
  • Domain Name
  • Agent Installed (Discovery Agent)
  • Network Agent Version
  • First Seen
  • Last Seen

Network Interface

  • MAC Address
  • Connect to Network
  • IP Address
  • Wireless
  • Is Discovery Agent
  • Last Connected