Communication through a Proxy

To offer an enhanced solution, standalone Cove Data Protection (Cove) has replaced Backup & Recovery. Where Backup & Recovery has been enabled and continues to be so for devices, the options presented here are still available.

Where Backup & Recovery options are not present on your N-sight RMM dashboard, this means you will now need to use Cove.

To start a 30-day free trial of Cove, click the app switcher in the Product bar, and select Cove Data Protection (Cove).

Where a proxy server is in place for the network, each device's Backup Manager (opened on the device itself or directly from the Dashboard) can be configured to communicate through it.

The proxy options are not available for workstations or laptops using Backup & Recovery Documents edition.

To launch the Backup Manager for a device:

On the computer

  • Go to Start > All Programs > Backup & Recovery > Backup Manager
  • Or,

  • Click on the desktop's Backup Manger icon (where available)

From the Dashboard

  1. Right-click on the target device in the North-pane of the Dashboard (or from the Server, Workstation or Device drop-down)
  2. Select Backup & Recovery > Open Backup Manager

Add or Edit Proxy

  1. Navigate to Preferences in the Backup Manager
  2. Go to Proxy
  3. Tick Use Proxy (if adding)
  4. Complete or edit the Proxy settings information
    1. Type of proxy (HTTP, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5)
    2. Proxy Server Address
    3. Port (the default is 1080).
    4. Use authorization (if required)
    5. Enter the User name and Password
  5. Save once complete to apply

Remove Proxy

  1. Navigate to Preferences in the Backup Manager
  2. Go to Proxy
  3. Untick Use Proxy
  4. Save once complete to apply