Setup the Alerting Mail Templates

  1. On the N-sight RMM Dashboard, go to Mail Templates.
  2. Choose the Monitoring type to configure the Mail Templates for from Server, Workstation, Network Devices and Service
  3. Select the Alert and Recovery Mail Templates to modify
  4. Change the From, Subject line, Plain Text Message and HTML message to match the ticketing system requirements

    If you use a custom From address in a mail template, you must ensure the address exists. If the From address does not exist, our sender verification check may fail.

  5. Mail Templates supports the use of wildcards to populate information in these fields, please refer to the Mail Template Substitution Strings section.

    Where your ticketing solution requires XML code in the email, you can enter this in the plain and HTML content fields.

  6. Select OK to save and apply
  7. Repeat the process to configure all required Mail Templates