Filter Manager

Using the Filter Manager, you can create custom filters to design views for different scenarios such as device state, Client and Site, Operating System, and feature. You can also designate custom filters as favorites so they display in the device drop-down above the North-pane in the All Devices view.

To use the Filter Manager, you must have the Filter Manager, Settings permission enabled for your role.

The Filter Manager includes three main sections:

Section Description
Custom Filters list Lists your custom filters. You can add a new filter, clone a filter, and apply the following options:
fm_favourite_iconSelect or deselect the filter as a favorite.

Favorite filters display in the Device filter drop-down menu on the Dashboard.

fm_current_iconApply the filter to your Dashboard

This filter does not have the session permanence of a favorite and is removed when your current session ends, or another filter is selected to Run in Dashboard.

Applying Run in Dashboard does not automatically save the current filter selection.

fm_delete_iconRemove the selected filter
North-pane Use the tabs in this section to configure the filter
South-pane Actions for the currently selected filter