Filter Manager

The Dashboard was designed for ease of use with various default options available from the device filter drop-down, including All Devices, Problem Devices, Offline Devices etc. But as the number of monitored servers and workstations increase, it can sometimes prove tricky to identify those devices with shared characteristics.

Through the Filter Manager, you can design multiple custom Dashboard views for different device state, Client and Site, Operating System, feature, Check and Task scenarios. The filters may be marked as a favourite so they appear in the device drop-down above the north pane in the Dashboard.

For example, create a consolidated server and workstation view where the Managed Antivirus and Patch Management state is Reboot Required or the Patch Scan and Managed Antivirus Checks are in a Failed state then apply this to the Mixed tab.

To create and use a custom filter:

  1. Go to View > Filter Manager, select Filters in the Left Side Navigation Bar or Manage filters in the Device drop-down
  2. Choose New Filter or clone an existing filter
  3. Configure the filter Details > Devices > Clients > Features > Checks and Tasks sections
  4. Choose a filter action
  5. Use the custom filter on your Dashboard

To utilize the Filter Manager functionality the user must have the Filter Manager, Settings permission enabled for their role.