Edit a Script Check - Single Device

Script Checks may be edited on a single device or on multiple computers.

To edit a Script Check on a single device:

Script Check - Endpoint Detection & Response cannot be edited and can only be removed by uninstalling EDR from the device.

  1. On the N-sight RMM Dashboard, select the device in the North-pane
  2. Go to the Checks tab in the South-pane
  3. Right-click the target Script Check and select Edit Check
  4. Edit the selected script, any Command Line and Script Parameters, and the Script timeout as needed

  5. Change the selection for Assign a Task after editing the Check if needed
  6. Select OK to save and apply
  7. If you selected Assign a Task after creating the Check:
    1. Select the Automated Task script and select Next to configure

    2. Enter any required Command Line parameters or Script parameters and select Next
    3. Set maximum execution time for the script (optional)
    4. Select Finish to save and apply
  8. Select Finish to save and apply