Renew Apple Push Certificate

The email address entered in the Add an Apple Push Certificate section receives a renewal notification before the certificate’s expiration date. To ensure continued coverage, we recommend you renew the certificate within the 30 days prior to the expiration date.

When a Push Notification Certificate expires, Apple requires a new certificate. If you have to add a new certificate rather than renew one, you must re-enroll your devices in Device Management for Apple.

The association between existing devices and Device Management for Apple may be broken and the service interrupted if:

  • The certificate expires
  • A different Apple ID is used to renew the certificate
  • An option other than Renew is selected for the certificate in the Apple Push Certificates Portal

If any of the above three scenarios occur, to maintain service continuity you must upload a new certificate to Device Management for Apple, and all devices enrolled in Device Management for Apple must be unenrolled at the device and then enrolled again using the new certificate.

To renew an Apple Push Notification Certificate, expand these steps to follow the instructions:

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