Configure the email template for iOS enrollment

During iOS device enrollment, an enrollment request is sent to the device holder. The enrollment request can be a Mobile Device Provisioning email or text that contains the information to register the iOS device.

You can edit or format the Mobile Device Provisioning email.

Configure the Mobile Device Provisioning email template

You can use substitution strings in the email template. See the Substitution String information below or see Mail Template Substitution Strings .

  1. On the All Devices view, go to Mail Templates > Mobile Device Provisioning.
  2. Enter information for the From address, Subject line, Plain Text Message and HTML Text message.

    All content changes must be applied to both the Plain Text Message and the HTML versions.

  3. Select OK to save.

Substitution Strings (Wildcards)

Substitution strings replace the wildcard entered in the template with the corresponding value from the database so you can replace generic terms and provide a more personalized message containing your Client's Dashboard details and other information.

Templates support substitution strings in their From address, Subject line and Body (both text and HTML).

To include substitutions strings in a template:

  1. In the template you are configuring, select where to add the string in the template's From address, Subject line or Body.
  2. Choose the substitution string from the drop-down. Only those supported in the selected template field are displayed.
  3. Click Insert Code to insert the string at the selected spot.
  4. Click OK to save the template.

If you add substitution strings in the template body, we recommend you insert the string in the Plain Text Message and the HTML versions.

Variable Substitution String Supported in From address? Supported in Subject line? Supported in Body? Note Example
Account Name #ACCOUNT# Yes Yes Yes Dashboard Name My MSP Dashboard
Client Name #CLIENT# Yes Yes Yes Dashboard Client Name Abertay Pharmaceuticals
Site Name #SITE# Yes Yes Yes Dashboard Site Name Head Office
Device Name #DEVICE# Yes Yes Yes Dashboard Device Name SERVER101
Device Owner #OWNER# No No Yes Device holder's name John Doe
Mobile Registration Webpage #MOBILE_REGISTRATION_WEBPAGE# No No Yes Link to registration page click here (HTML) URL (text)
Activation Code #ACTIVATION_CODE# No No Yes Device activation code 1234

Updated: Jul 05, 2024