Disable the System Tray Application

The System Tray Application is configurable across multiple devices or on individual computers.

Once Off is selected, the System Tray Application remains available to the user until they have logged off then back onto the computer.

Multiple Devices

Servers and workstations inherit their configuration from the site, which will in turn inherits from the client, which will in turn inherits the default configuration for all servers and workstations.

  1. On the N-sight RMM Dashboard, go to SettingsSystem Tray ApplicationSettings
  2. Select the Entity type to apply the configuration to (all servers and workstations or servers and workstations at specific clients and sites)
  3. Feature status indicators (colored dots) in the Settings dialog indicate if the feature is enabled or disabled at the entity level, and whether devices under an entity have the same settings:

    • Green - Enabled for all devices under that entity including device level settings
    • Grey - Disabled on at least one device under that entity including device level settings
    • Orange – A child entities has a different configuration to the parent. If a Client only has one Site, its status indicator reflects that of the Site.

    For more information, see Feature and Functionality Settings Icons.

  4. Choose the Setting: Off or Use Parent where parent is Off (only for Client or Site)
  5. OK to save and apply

Individual Device

You can disable the System Tray Application for specific servers and workstations. For example, to exclude the device from the default entity policy or only apply the application on certain computers.

Once selected device level settings take precedence over those set at the policy level. Where the device settings have changed, to place the device back under policy control please select Use Policy Settings.

  1. On the N-sight RMM Dashboard North-pane, right-click the target device and select Edit Server or Edit Workstation
  2. Select System Tray
  3. Choose Setting:Off or Use Policy Setting (Off)
  4. OK to save and apply